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AGLA is a vibrant, grassroots membership organization that strives to improve the quality of life and meet the needs of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning (LGBTQ) community and allies. AGLA respects diversity and builds relationships with civic groups and community leaders.

Through varied social activities, we provide a safe and comfortable community.

Through vigorous nonpartisan civic outreach, AGLA earns the respect of community leaders and ensures that LGBTQ voices remain an integral part of the local government decision-making process.

Through community service projects, we reflect our commitment to improving the quality of life.

Learn about AGLA’s rich history. Our visibility, our commitment to positive change, and our unity combine to create a truly dynamic environment for progress. AGLA is a strong beacon for equality for 35 years and, with your support, will continue to shine brightly far into the future.

You can be part of this inclusive nonpartisan community 501(c)(3) nonprofit today by simply joining. AGLA membership is open to everyone.

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2020 Board Members

Bruce Hightower, President
Daniel L. Hays, Treasurer
Derrick “Otter” Starr, Secretary
Dani Butler, Director
Ken Williamson, Director
Hamish Park, Director

AGLA Past Presidents

2017-Present, Bruce Hightower
2016, TJ Flavell
2013-2016, Tiffany Joslyn
2012-2013, TJ Flavell
2010-2012, Daniel L. Hays
2009-2010, Beth Kozlow
2007-2009, Daniel L. Hays
2007, Ted Hobart
2004-2007, Kris McLaughlin
2002-2004, Jeff DiGregorio
2001-2002, Rhonda Buckner
2000-2001, Bob Holdorf
1998-1999, Dave Mallory
1996-1997, Rhonda Buckner
1994-1995, Michael Hendricks
1994, Betsey Wildhack
1991-1993, James Fisher
1989-1990, Lee Stinnett
1987-1988, Fred Parris
1985-1986, John Whitener
1983-1984, John Moroney
1981-1982, Tom DePriest



Mailing Address:

PO Box 100324

Arlington, VA 22210

Phone: (571) 969-4370