Serving the community for over 35 years!

AGLA Civic Awareness

With a strong track record dating back to 1981, AGLA has gained the respect of civic leaders and elected representatives.

What We Do

AGLA informs our community about the issues that matter. Special events and public forums give you the opportunity to learn more about the challenges we face. LGBTQ people must overcome hurdles whether it’s adopting children, buying a home with a partner or deciding to come out. AGLA’s programs give you vital information and put you in touch with people who can help answer your questions. Photo (below) taken during 2009 Candidate Forum hosted by AGLA.

We Connect

We send information about issues, voter registration and election logistics on an ongoing basis.

We Organize

We have helped organize groups of LGBTQ residents in other Northern Virginia Counties with the goal of grooming AGLA-like organizations in places like Fairfax County, Loudon County and Prince William County.

We Participate

We participate in a coalition of local, state and national LGBTQ organizations to facilitate better communication and coordination and to raise interest and nonpartisan awareness of particular issues. AGLA is a longtime member of the Arlington County Civic Federation.


AGLA mobilizes our community to advance equal rights for ALL under the law. AGLA organized the successful campaign to pass a local civil rights ordinance barring sexual orientation discrimination. AGLA continues to work to win equal rights for ALL under state law, too!

And, most importantly, we honor those who fought before us

Above, a memorial wreath is placed at the grave site of Sgt. Leonard Matlovich, a pioneer in the effort to allow gays and lesbians to serve opening in the military.



Mailing Address:

PO Box 100324

Arlington, VA 22210