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As a grassroots community organization, AGLA welcomes member involvement!

AGLA Communications Committee Forming

AGLA is forming a communications committee, so if you have a knack for e-communications, writing, PR, website content updating or social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), just let us know. We are looking for creative individuals who can help bolster AGLA’s mission of providing social events, community service and nonpartisan political awareness by aggregating local equality news and events information. Simply email with Communications Committee in the subject line.

Call for Event Leads

Want to get more involved with AGLA but just want one and only one project? AGLA is currently building organizational capacity, and is searching for leads for each of our flagship events, including the Scholarship Reception, annual Anniversary Gala, Summer Picnic, Library Potluck and Book Drive, Animal Welfare League Benefit, Veterans Day Observance, and Holiday Party. If you want to step up to the plate and help run an event that would be wonderful! E-mail with the name of the specific event you want to lead.

Call for AGLA Restaurant Outings Coordinators

One of the past traditions of AGLA was to have regular dinners for members to get better acquainted. We would like to revive this tradition. While in the past dinners were in member homes, AGLA has grown to the point where restaurant outings are much more feasible. If you would like to coordinate a dinner outing for AGLA members, please email with Restaurant Outings Coordinator in the subject line. These would need to be held in restaurants that accept separate checks for groups, so if you know of one in Arlington or Alexandria that does, please email that information along as well. Certainly, if you want to host all AGLA members for a special catered gathering in your backyard, you can still do that too! Just let us know.

Call for AGLA Table Captains

There are numerous events around town held by other charities and causes. AGLA would like Table Captains to bring our members together. If you plan on attending the HRC National Dinner, the Equality Virginia Commonwealth Dinner or any of the other upcoming dinners and want to serve as an official AGLA Table Captain, please email There are also charity events in Arlington where it would be great to send an AGLA delegation, such as the A-SPAN or AFAC Galas.

Call for Theater Coordinator

In our survey, AGLA members expressed very strong interest in theater events. We would need those who are aware of theater events and group ticket discount arrangements to step up to the plate and make it happen. As you know, Arlington and Alexandria are the home of several theater companies, and we need someone to connect us and coordinate. Please email with Theater Coordinator in the subject line.

Call for Movie Night Coordinator

In our latest survey, AGLA members expressed very strong interest in movie nights. AGLA seeks a dedicated volunteer to serve as a movie night coordinator. If you have a strong interest in seeing films and coordinating monthly group outings to movie theaters such as Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse, Please email with Movie Night Coordinator in the subject line.



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