Serving the community for over 35 years!

Many AGLA members enjoy sports. AGLA has had teams participate in various charitable races over the years. As a grassroots organization, AGLA encourages members to coordinate activities as they arise, such as participating in the Walk & 5K to End HIV.

So many ways to stay active…

Team DC

Team DCserves as a clearinghouse for information about the various sports teams, clubs, and events in the Washington, DC metropolitan area serving the LGBTQ and allied community. It’s a volunteer-based organization that also provides information and support to both individuals and sport clubs active in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.
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If you prefer bicycling or hiking, we suggest that you check the Adventuring schedule to see if there are Arlington activities. There often are. Adventuring is the outdoor club for the LGBTQ community in the Washington DC area. Volunteers lead hikes year-round, and in the warmer months they do recreational bike rides too, some shorter and others longer.
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And Marathons!

If you want to participate in the annual Marine Corps Marathon that travels through Arlington, contact the Human Rights Campaign’s Athletes for Equality.

Create your own sports outing!

If you would like to coordinate a more informal sports outing, such as a softball game or volleyball, simply email The more sports activities AGLA offers, the healthier we all are.



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