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Mister and Miss Gay Arlington

Each year AGLA crowns a new Mister and Miss Gay Arlington and in add crowns a new Miss AGLA (which is a honorary community service title).

Congratulations to Bianca Blake Starr and Brian Jay Kelly your newly crowned Mister and Miss Gay Arlington 2017.  This year’s pageant was outstanding with all the contestants truly making it an exciting evening of pageantry.  Thank you once again to our presenting sponsors Freddie’s Beach Bar & Restaurant, American Backstage Company, Evening Eye Candy, DC Eagle, and Minuteman Press.

Congratulations as well to Regina Jozet Adams your newly crowned Miss AGLA 2017.  AGLA is truly honored to have you representing the organization over the coming year.

2017 Mister and Miss Gay Arlington

Mister and Miss Gay Arlington 2017

Mister and Miss Gay Arlington 2017

Bianca Blake Starr and Brian Jay Kelly

Previous Titleholders

2016 – Matthew Jay Kelly and Athena Couture

Matt and Athena

2015 – Kristina Kelly

Kristina Kelly

2014 – Coco B. Colby

Coco in Crown & Sash

2013 – Shaunda Leer


2012 – Stardust

2011 – Diamond D. Bottoms

International – Ophelia Bottoms


Infinity – Muffy Blake Stephyns


2017 Miss AGLA

AGLA also bestows an honorary service crown from time to time upon entertainers who have gone above and beyond to support AGLA and its activities. Regina Jozet Adams was recently crowned your Miss AGLA 2017 at the 2017 Miss Gay Arlington Pageant.

Regina Jozet Adams

Miss AGLA 2017


Previous Titleholders

2016 – Sylvia Stallone



2015 – Suga Bottoms



2014 – Shelby Blake Stephyns



2013 – Hope B. Childs


2012 – Muffy Blake Stephyns

2011 – Charity Bhe



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